my pavlova

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Comfort food

Well today is a really strange weather,we had 32 degrees with high level of humidity...that's hell!!!
Now I'm in the kitchen,I'm very lucky I have a kitchen really cool,making something comforting:pasta with puttanesca sauce mmmm the smell is good and I can't wait to eat it.
Here my recipe for puttanesca sauce:

a good splash of evoo
3 anchovy fillets
crushed garlic
1 tbs of salted capers
2 tsp of black olive paste
tomato puree,passata di pomodoro


pasta alla puttanesca ready to eat :-P

Put oil in a cold big pan then add garlic,anchovies and let warm up until anchovies melt then add tomato puree,olive paste and desalted capers  all chopped.Let cook for 15 min at medium heat.Bon appetit!!!