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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Ciambelline al vino (wine donuts)

This is a classic italian biscuit with peasant origins,an old staple of our grandmothers. It has a donut shape and is flavoured with red wine.Ideal for after-meal to dunk in a good glass of red wine!Cheers.


•250 gr. flour 00
•100gr. caster sugar
•100 wine
•100 gr. olive oil

1.Mix all the ingredients together to obtain a smooth and soft dough.
2.Let dough rest for 40 minutes.
3.Make small donuts out of it.
4.Bake for 20 min. at 180 degrees
5.Serve with a good bottle of red wine


At Anna's kitchen table said...

Lu, I can imagine my Grandmothers making something like this too! :-)
Is that sesame seeds on top or sugar? I can't tell.
I'd like to try these, does it have to be red wine? Or could you use Marsala too?

Luana said...

Anna,I sprinkled some icing sugar on the top but you can omit they turn out good as well.For this recipe I use only leftover red wine..I don't open a bottle just only for that!!!you can use Chianti,Morellino a good label;-)x

Ms O said...

Lu, these bring back memories of my grandmother. She made a similar recipe but made it as one large ring that we cut into. I like your individual donuts. Very nice. Thank you for sharing. xx

Luana said...

Lea every time I make these donuts my girls devour them in a second.. at the end it takes a while to make them!!!lol