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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Stuffed cannelloni with aubergines and ricotta

Nothing beats a steaming dish of cannelloni dripping with tomato sauce and sprinkled with cheese..I know it's not winter weather but they are so delicious even in this period!!!Best served just warm indeed to taste better;-)
Cannelloni are easy to make and you can stuff them with all of family's favorite ingredients:chopped meat,cheese or veggies.Tonight I made a light version with veggies and cheese:aubergines and ricotta cheese.I used dried cannelloni just blanched in salted boiling water.


a box of dried cannelloni I stuffed 20 cannelloni
1 kilo of black aubergines
.1 bottle of tomato puree
1 little clove of garlic
a bunch of basil leaves
200 gr. of fresh ricotta
grated pecorino cheese
extra virgin olive oil


blanch cannelloni for 4 minutes in plenty salted boiling water, drain the pasta and cool under cold running water.Roast whole aubergines in the oven at 250 degreees when ready let them cool on one side.
Put the flesh of aubergines in a mixer with ricotta chees,garlic,salt and basil mix everything until you'll obtain a smooth puree.Add the grated pecorino cheese.
Heat a pan with some evoo and the clove of garlic add the tomato puree and a little pinch of salt let it cook for 10 minute.
Now you have to stuff your little beauties with your mix of aubergines and ricotta I use a little spoon to help me when finished pour half of tomato sauce in a casserole and neatly place cannelloni on top of the sauce pour the remaining sauce.Sprinkle some grated pecorino cheese on top.
Bake in the oven at 200 degrees for 20 minutes...ready!


Ms O said...

This sounds wonderful, Lu! I always think stuffing shells is difficult, but your recipe, I think I could make. Yummy! :-)

Luana said...

Cannelloni are easy and you can have fun with different fillings...believe me Lea you have to try them!!!;-)

Rhyleysgranny said...

This looks so delicious. Love your Blog x

Luana said...

oh lovely surprise to see you here Rhyleysgranny!!!I'm glad you like my blog now I have to start again to put more recipes after a holiday stop!!!!xx